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Our  Search Services include both those for proposed new businesses and corporations, as well as on existing entities.

For new businesses or corporations, with over 2,000,000 on the Companies database, it requires some creative thought to come up with a distinctive name! FOR MORE INFORMATION READ HERE

Our searches on existing businesses and corporations includes Profiles, Business searches, Status requests and Due Diligence Searches

 CATEGORY                     SEARCH TYPE                                      COST                                 
For NEW BUSINESS/CORPORATE NAMES                                                                                                   
NUANS NAME SEARCHES                                                  
  Enhanced Business Name Search    18.00
  Preliminary Search Free
On EXISTING BUSINESS REGISTRATIONS/CORPORATIONS Ontario Corporate Profile- UNCERTIFIED- (price includes disbursements)  34.05
  Ontario Business Report  38.11
  Ontario Corporate Profile-CERTIFIED- (price includes disbursements)  41.56
  Certified Ontario Business Report  46.11
  Certificate of Status  52.00
  Document List  29.05
  Document List--CERTIFIED  39.05
  Business Names List  34.05
  Business Names List--CERTIFIED  42.05
  Microfiche PDF  10.00 + copies
  Microfiche PDF Certified  20.00 + copies
DUE DILIGENCE SEARCHES  Ontario PPSA Search- UNCERTIFIED (price includes gov disb)  38.11
   Ontario PPSA Search-CERTIFIED (price includes gov disb)  45.80

 Writs of Execution--by Name

 Write of Execution--by Number



   Bank Act  45.30
   Bankruptcy/Insolvency  47.00
   Bulk Sales  38.34+
   Small Claims Court  38.34+
   Ontario Divisional Court  38.34+