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Seals & Shares


Though all the Provincial (and Federal) Business Corporation Acts have been amended to remove the requirement for Corporate Seals, the original premise behind the need for seals remains.. this being that the person in possession of a Corporate Seal has the authority to act and sign on behalf of the Corporation.  It's for this this reason that you may find that some banks still require a seal.

SEALS/SHARES                     DESCRIPTION                                                   PRICE     
MARKMAKER EMBOSSER  Traditional Embosser Seal 49.00
POCKET SEAL  Pocket Embosser Seal with Pouch 49.00
CORPORATE SEAL STAMP   Self Inking Stamp version of the Corporate Seal 47.00
   Ontario Common, Preference, Special  25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00
   Canada Common, Preference  25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00
   Nova Scotia Common, Preference  25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00
   PEI Common, Preference  25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00
   New Brunswick   25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00
   Generic  25@$20.00, 50@$35.00, 100@60.00