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Death of the Dress Code

Is it easier now to dress "for the office", or more difficult?  Prior to the 80's and the birth of casual Fridays, dressing for work in the downtown office was pretty clear cut.  Business attire for Law Firms comprised of Suit and tie for men, Suit or dress (pant) outfit for women.  Since then, the [...]

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Why is time speeding away?

'Writing in the first century, Seneca was startled by how little people seemed to value their lives as they were living them—how busy, terribly busy, everyone seemed to be, mortal in their fears, immortal in their desires and wasteful of their time..“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes [...]

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Why you should help your employees pay off their student debt

This could be an invaluable "perk" to attracting the great talent you need for your business!One of the challenges faced by most companies is coming up with ways to attract new, talented employees who've recently graduated from University.  As part of your incentive package, consider including an offer to help pay off some of their [...]

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How to inspire your employees to take your business success personally

Operating a business involves a myriad of skills, learning curves, pitfalls and victories.  You are passionate about the business because its yours, but how do you help your employees become passionate about your business as well? It may just start with something as simple as a Mission Statement (something many small business owners neglect to [...]

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Why you Need a Minute Book

WHAT IS A MINUTE BOOK?The Business Corporations Act specifcally requires that certain documents be prepared and kept by corporations. These documents are typically kept in a Minute Book, usually a binder,  whose sole purpose is to hold all of your corporations essential files.  These include your certificate of incorporation, by-laws, share certificates, and [...]

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Harness the Power of Social Media

According to Nielsen, nearly half of all Internet users consult social media before making a purchase.  For small businesses, acknowledging the power of social media is an important first step and using that power will help move your business forward.Liana Ling, an expert in social media and digital marketing offered the following insights in the Toronto Star [...]

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