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9 common mistakes when starting a new business and how to avoid them

Posted by BDC on

Once you've decided to start a new business, it's very common to jump in with both feet and,as Michelle Romanoff from  Dragons Den suggests,  just "do it".  Unfortunately, unless you do some important initial ground work at the beginning, you could be in for some major headaches, or worse, later on.

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How to evaluate a potential business acquisition

If you have decided on buying an existing business, the most important next step is determining what that business is worth.  You as the buyer is hoping to acquire the business with as little financial outlay as possible.  The seller, on the other hand, is hoping to sell the business for as much as possible [...]

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Why and How to write a Business Plan

A Business plan is your road map of where you want your business go to, and how you're going to get there.  Not only do you need this map, but so does your lenders, shareholders and potential investors.  The Business Plan can not reside in your head.  It needs to be set out clearly in [...]

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7 sources of start-up financing

One of the most basic, and critical, needs of all new businesses is money.  How you get it, where to get it, who you get it from, how long you have it and how you back it back are fundamental, and befuddling, considerations.  Here are some ideas for 7 potential sources for start-up financingRead more

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A little history about NUANS searches....and a cautionary tale

Back in the day, early 1983 to be exact.... when 3 of us were trying to get the Name Search department started at Dye & Durham, what to charge for a NUANS Name Search was our first big question.For decades (since 1885), Dye & Durham and it’s nemesis, Newsome and Gilbert, had been the sole providers of Corporate and Legal supplies [...]

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The Dangers in not keeping an up to date Minute Book

More and more new entrepreneurs are willing to take the chance in not creating (and keeping updated) a corporate minute book.  This is a dangerous game of corporate russian roulette. Read this article by Peter Welsh for more information on the possible repercussions

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Tips for Creating a Strong Team

Running a successful business and creating a strong team can be a lot like establishing and following a good workout regime. As a leader, it's your job to function as a personal trainer to inspire your team to get on board with your brand vision and coach them in successfully carrying that vision out.Here are seven [...]

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The 2016 Top Female Business Owners in Canada

Meet the W100!--this years top female business owner/operators of  Canadian Companies (and while you're reading about, and praising their accomplishments, check out their companies..It might give you some ideas for your new business!Read here

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Death of the Dress Code

Is it easier now to dress "for the office", or more difficult?  Prior to the 80's and the birth of casual Fridays, dressing for work in the downtown office was pretty clear cut.  Business attire for Law Firms comprised of Suit and tie for men, Suit or dress (pant) outfit for women.  Since then, the [...]

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Why is time speeding away?

'Writing in the first century, Seneca was startled by how little people seemed to value their lives as they were living them—how busy, terribly busy, everyone seemed to be, mortal in their fears, immortal in their desires and wasteful of their time..“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes [...]

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